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Candida Infection / Vaginal Yeast

Candida overgrowth destroys the normal flora in the reproductive system and candida albicans waste product encourages production of false estrogen hormone which encourages fibroid growth and endometriosis by increasing the level of false estrogen and reduction in the body normal estrogen production leading to hormone imbalance and lack of ovulation. When yeast cells/candida builds up to cover the cervix of a woman this can lead to sperm withdrawal after intercourse in large quantity thereby not allowing the sperm cells  to travel down the tubes to fertilize the egg. This usually happens because Candida/yeast overgrowth makes the vaginal pH more alkaline and this neutralizes and liquefies sperm cells.

Men can contact candida infection and every woman with candida and pid infection is encouraged to involve the partner in the treatment. In most men the infection is usually asymptomatic (without symptoms) when the immune system defense is intact, while others may express symptoms like itching at the penile region, prostate gland inflammation which leads to watery sperm cells and low sperm motility. In Women most common symptoms are thick, smelly, whitish or yellowish discharge, redness of the vulva and inflammation of the cervix which is major cause of painful intercourse.