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Causes of Male Infertility

Abnormal Sperm Production/Low Sperm Count/Low Sperm Motility Count and Watery Semen/Sperm, other words (Poor Viscosity) as well as poor sperm morphology / poor sperm shapes. These are mostly caused by Stis (Sexually transmitted infections) and poor nutritional habits.

Problem with Sperm delivery such as PE/Premature Ejaculation, Poor Erection.

Structural Damages in the testicles ,blockage in the testicles due to chronic inflammation as a result of STis like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea etc.

* The normal sperm concentration/sperm count is 20million and above. Normal total sperm count is 39 million and above. Normal total sperm motility should be  45% and above. Normal actively motile sperm count is 32% and above. 

Normal sperm morphology should be 4%  and above . Sperm cells should be viscous not hypoviscous.
Over exposure to certain environmental factors, such as pesticides, radiation, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, marijuana, anabolic steroids and antibiotics abuse.