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Ovarian Cyst

  • Unlike fibroid mass that is made up of fibrous and muscular materials, ovarian cyst usually contain fluid, blood or pus and some especially functional ovarian cyst can disappear on its own within 4-8 wks of appearance .If the cyst persist longer than 8 wks it can transform  to non functional cyst that would require treatment.
  • Ovarian cyst usually occurs at one or both ovaries & can prevent ovulation, hence it does hinder conception. Cyst larger than 4cm needs to be operated or medically treated. Laxtup capsules work for most sizes & types of ovarian cyst except dermoid cyst and endometrioma.
  • Common symptoms of Ovarian cyst are bilateral or unilateral lower abdominal pains , menstrual pains .

One can diagnose Ovarian cyst during pelvic or trans vaginal ultrasound scan examination.