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Fibroid / Ovarian Cyst Treatment Kit

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Laxtup Capsule works best for Fibroid, Ovarian Cyst, Endometriosis/Endometritis, Adenomyosis  and Hormone imbalance. Laxtup Capsule naturally clears the tubes and improves female fertility.




PRODUCT(S) TO USE: 6 bottles of Laxtup Capsules


PRESCRIPTION /DOSAGE FORM: Take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening 10-30 minutes before meal for 60 days.


COST :  Each bottle is 8,000 Naira/140Cedis/20USD /11,500 CFA .  6 bottles cost 48,000 Naira/840Cedis/120USD /69,000 CFA


NOTE : Is important to have a pelvic ultrasound scan not older than 30 days before treatment commencement in order to assess the current size(s) of the fibroid(s) or cyst . Scan should be repeated after completing 6 bottles of Laxtup Capsules. 6 bottles of Laxtup capsules can shrink fibroids between 2-6cm/20-60mm within 60 days and can shrink ovarian cyst between 2-8cm/20-80mm within 60 days.


TREATMENT LIMITATIONS:  – Calcified fibroid usually do not respond to medication due to its stone like nature . Hence if fibroid is noted to be calcified type in the scan we recommend surgery if the size can affect pregnancy (i.e.: if the calcified fibroid is above 4.5cm) then we can treat to prevent recurrence.

– Fibroid size bigger than 7cm/70mm may have slow response to treatment and  in some cases may not shrink due to the large thickness of fibroid tissues. Hence for fibroids above such size surgery can be done then we can treat to prevent recurrence unless one wants to try the treatment first.

-Dermoid cyst and Endometrioma/Chocolate cyst do not usually respond to treatment, hence if any of these  is reported in your scan we recommend surgery then we can treat to prevent a recurrence.



-Avoid milk, high sugar drinks, excess alcohol intake and coconut during the treatment period.

-Do not combine the medicine with any other drug/supplement not approved by your doctor even folic acid .

-Discontinue treatment once pregnancy is confirmed.

– See the medicine literature inside the medicine box for more information



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