Kandikrush Healthcare

PRODUCT(S) TO USE:  4 bottles of kandikrush capsules for men   PRESCRIPTION /DOSAGE FORM:   Take 2 capsules morning and 2 capsules evening before meal for 60 days.   COST :  Each bottle is 7,500 Naira/140Cedis/20USD/11,500 CFA  .  4 bottles  of Kandikrush for men cost 30,000 Naira/560 Cedis/80USD/ 46,000 CFA   WARNING : -Avoid milk, high sugar drinks, excess alcohol intake and coconut during the treatment period. -Do not combine the medicine with any other drug/supplement not approved by your doctor.   HOW TO GET OUR PRODUCTS: You can place your order online or WhatsApp +2348104379220 the following details:
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