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Fibroids are abnormal growths /benign tumors in a woman’s uterus (womb) . These tumors can grow quite large and do sometimes cover the entire womb of a woman ( woman looks like pregnant) making conception a challenge. The causes of fibroid are not well understood. Research has proven useful relationship between hormone imbalance /abnormal level of reproductive hormones and fibroids. Some food especially fatty food and infections like candida albicans overgrowth contribute to the production of false estrogen hormones which triggers development of fibroid.


Symptoms of fibroid include heavy menstrual bleeding, prolonged period >7days, pelvic pain. In some cases one may have no symptoms. Fibroid less than 3.5cm/35mm may not cause any problem with fertility. However treatment is encouraged to avoid more growth and complications. Treatment can be surgical or medical. Big fibroids are better operated as some may not shrink with medication due to large thickness of the fibroid tissues. Calcified fibroids usually do not respond to medication as they are stony in nature and lack receptors for drugs molecules. Fibroids are best diagnosed & measured through pelvic ultrasound scan. Laxtup capsules work best for fibroid sizes not bigger than 7cm/70mm. *(To convert mm to cm divide the value in mm by 10 )