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Female Reproductive System

• The Vagina and Cervix are for penetration and deposition of sperm cells by a man during sex. They serve for sexual pleasure. As the man penetrates the vagina deep inside the cervix, sperm cells are deposited during ejaculation which find their way to the ovaries to fertilize egg for conception to take place if active sperm is present during ovulation and if the tube is not blocked.
• The ovaries are pair of organs attached on both sides of the fallopian tubes . They harbor multiple rudimentary follicles/eggs that one of them usually the dominant follicle ruptures during ovulation in order to be fertilized by the male sperm for conception to take place.

• The fallopian tubes are paired tubular structures each attached on either side of the female uterus. Their main function is to aid conduction /movement of sperm cells down the ovary and movement of fertilized egg down the uterus for implantation. During ovulation period any active sperm cell that meets a matured ovarian follicle/egg can trigger fertilization/conception.
• Following fertilization of the female egg/matured ovarian follicle , the product of conception travels back from the ovary to the fallopian tube down to the uterine cavity for implantation and development of the fetus /developing baby.